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LaSTEM Network


LaSTEM Network

Louisiana STEM Network

The Louisiana Regional STEM Network (LaSTEM) is a system of STEM leadership entities strategically positioned across Louisiana, similar to the Regional Labor Market Areas (RLMAs) identified by the Louisiana Workforce Commission, whereby communities, parishes, multi-parish regions, and the State can achieve improved access to STEM education, participation, and advancement. This includes closing the opportunity gap for underrepresented and underserved populations to engage in Louisiana’s STEM workforce and economy.  Existing and developing STEM activities will often span one or more STEM Regions. Regions will share information, work together, and be interconnected by coordination of resources which can also provide a gateway to other networks and initiatives. The Regional STEM Networks and Centers are connected with and serve the statewide LaSTEM Advisory Council.

Regional STEM Network Funding

The Louisiana Legislature appropriated $1 million to advance regional STEM efforts throughout Louisiana. The nine Regional STEM Network Centers (RSNCs) were part of a competitive application process that began in March of 2020. These funds covered first-year associated costs towards the creation and implementation of the RSNCs and Directors throughout Louisiana. Each region has a designated RSNC which was awarded $100,000 for the first year. These funds were provided to the RSNCs to cover the salary, benefits, and associated operating costs for the Regional STEM Director and Center within each region. The remaining funds were budgeted towards raising awareness, providing support & training, and providing needed resources associated with the implementation and operation of the statewide regional STEM network.

For the 2021-2022 fiscal year, the Louisiana Legislature appropriated $2 million. Each Regional STEM Center was awarded $170,000 to cover the salary, benefits, and associated operating costs for the Regional STEM Director and Center within each region.

Regional STEM Network Centers

Region 1: Greater New Orleans, Inc. (GNO, Inc.)

Region 2: Louisiana State UniversityCapital Area STEM Network Center

Region 3: Fletcher Technical Community CollegeBayou STEM

Region 4: University of Louisiana at LafayetteRegion 4 STEM Network Center (R4SNC)

Region 5: Calcasieu Parish School Board in partnership with McNeese University

Region 6: Northwestern State UniversityCENLA STEM

Region 7: Sci-Port Discovery CenterNWLA LaSTEM Innovation Center

Region 8: Louisiana Tech University STEM Collective for Innovative Louisiana Stakeholders (SCILS)

Region 9: Southeastern Louisiana University Northshore Regional STEM Center