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CSED Week Adventures in LASTEM

Computer Science Education Week (CSED Week) last week in LASTEM unfolded as a collaborative celebration of digital literacy and learning across LASTEM Regions 2, 3, 5, and 7, all made possible through the dedicated funding of the Ignite Project.

In Region 2, the Capital Area STEM Network Center, with the collaboration of regional manager Rose Kendrick and facilitators Courtney Holden and Jacqueline Edwards worked with 75 high school seniors from the EBR school systems. The seniors are part of the LSU Future Scholars program. The students participated in two unplugged CS activities: Relay Programming and Binary Bracelets, providing practical insights into coding for high school students.

Region 3, led by Director Christie Landry of BayouSTEM, took a dynamic approach with LEGO League sessions, the First Lego League Challenge, and supplementary coding activities. Region 2 Director Summer Dann joined in as well, contributing her expertise as a judge for the region's activities, showcasing the collaborative spirit among LASTEM regions.

Region 5, managed by the Calcasieu Parish School Board in partnership with McNeese State and directed by Mark Arseneault, hosted a Teacher Computer Science Professional Development focusing on Micro:bits. This initiative empowered educators with innovative tools to integrate into their teaching methods, emphasizing practical applications of computer science concepts.

In Region 7, the NWLA LASTEM Innovation Center at the Sci-Port Discovery Center, directed by Dr. Heather Kleiner, made strides in computer science awareness by implementing Hour of Code activities. This engaging initiative provided hands-on experiences for students, fostering a deeper understanding of computer science concepts.

These region-specific endeavors, fueled by the Ignite Project's commitment, underscore LASTEM's dedication to providing diverse and hands-on learning experiences. Together, these collaborative initiatives celebrate the joy of learning, shaping a future where computer science education is accessible and engaging for students statewide.