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LASTEM Advisory Council

The Louisiana Regional STEM Network (LASTEM) is a system of organizations that lead STEM initiatives strategically located throughout Louisiana. These organizations are similar to the Regional Labor Market Areas (RLMAs) identified by the Louisiana Workforce Commission. The purpose of LaSTEM is to enhance access to STEM education, participation, and advancement - for all ages, or as we like to say, from Pre-K to Grey.

LASTEM aims to foster an environment that embraces the active participation of all members of our community and STEM ecosystem, enabling their active involvement in Louisiana's STEM workforce and economy. LASTEM Regions will collaborate, share information, coordinate resources, and foster connections with other networks and initiatives. The Regional STEM Networks and Centers work in conjunction with the statewide LASTEM Advisory Council.

The Louisiana Legislature allocates annual funding to support STEM activities and events in each region. Read Act 392 here.