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Discover the excitement and innovation at the 10th Dow Red Stick Rumble Robotics Competition, held at Denham Springs' Hornsby Gym. This blog takes you on a journey through this inspiring event, featuring high school students from Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi showcasing their robotic creations. Explore the world of FIRST® Robotics Competition (FRC) and how it empowers the next generation of STEM leaders. Witness the thrilling competition, meet the winning teams, and learn about the dedicated organizers and volunteers who make this event a beacon of inspiration in the world of robotics and STEM education.

Introducing the Choice Credit for College Learning model, a groundbreaking approach to education that ensures equal opportunities for all students in pursuing advanced courses. This model empowers students to decide whether to include LSU course credits on their transcript based on their final grade, offering flexibility and low cost. With no eligibility requirements, schools can use SCA funding to cover the low costs.

Discover the transformative SPARK Your Summer events, hosted by the East Baton Rouge Parish Library, where Single Moms harnessed essential DIY skills. This empowering series unfolded over weeks at the River Center Library makerspace. The workshops embraced a variety of skills, from crafting birdhouses to mastering home maintenance and even delving into auto repair basics. Through these hands-on sessions, participants not only honed practical skills but also fostered a close-knit community. Single Moms found a shared space to bond and support one another, forming a robust network for ongoing encouragement.

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