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Newsletter Submission Guidelines


Our audience is PK–16 students, families, educators, school administrators, and STEM professionals in LaSTEM Region 2, which are the parishes surrounding Baton Rouge: Ascension, East Baton Rouge, Iberville, Livingston, Pointe Coupee, West Baton Rouge, and West Feliciana.

Content Categories 

Each month we will select one topic for our feature article. Other sections may include:

  • Awards recognition

  • Highlights

  • STEM news

  • Student opportunities

  • Educator opportunities

  • Family STEM

  • Career development and networking

  • Upcoming events

What to Submit

  • Content that applies to the upcoming publication month.

  • Save the Date for future STEM programming and initiatives.

  • Calls to Action: call for proposals, scholarship applications, registration for teacher PD, summer camps, and professional conferences.

  • Please include either a photo or a branded logo (jpeg) in your submission. If you’re including a photo, please provide the following information:
    • List the names of the individuals in the photo from left to right.

    • Describe the action captured in the photo.

How Much to Submit

For feature articles, news, or awards recognition:

  • Feature articles should be concise, ranging from 350 to 500 words. You can find examples in the blog archive.

  • Highlights should be concise, ranging from 100 to 150 words, and should not exceed 350 words. You can find examples in the newsletter archive.

  • Awards recognition should be concise, ranging from 100 to 150 words. You can find examples in the newsletter archive.

For opportunities, family STEM, resources, networking, and events:

  • Include a web link to the original source of information, and

  • Provide a concise 3–4 sentence introduction. This introduction should either engage your reader's interest or offer essential facts from the website. For example: 

    • The Congressional App Challenge invites middle and high school students to innovate in computer science and coding by developing apps for multiple devices using any programming language. The winning app will be showcased on the Congressional App Challenge website and may be exhibited in the U.S. Capitol. The deadline for this competition is November 1, 2023, at 12:00 p.m. EST. [continue reading] (link:

    • Calling all student artists! Send your artwork on an exciting journey beyond Earth’s atmosphere…

    • Prepare to excel in computer science instruction with our comprehensive program, ensuring you’re fully equipped to deliver top-notch CS education…

When to Submit

Refer to our submission dates and deadlines 

How to Submit

Please send all submissions by email to:

Heather Perlis
Communications Coordinator
Gordon A. Cain Center for STEM Literacy
Louisiana State University