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America After 3: STEM Learning on the Rise

Afterschool Alliance

Join the Afterschool Alliance on Wednesday, August 18, at noon Central Time for an overview of results of a new nationwide and state survey on children’s STEM learning experiences.  The report, "STEM Learning in Afterschool on the Rise, But Barriers and Inequities Exist,” provides insights into what access to STEM learning in afterschool looks like for children and youth in the United States (based on responses from nearly 31,000 U.S. families to a household survey).   Register here to hear from a range of experts in afterschool learning, such as the Afterschool Alliance.  Sponsored by our partners at STEM Ecosystems Community of Practice.

Afterschool and summer programs provide hands-on learning opportunities and a natural space for students to explore, learn, and grow. These programs spark students’ interest in STEM and computer science subjects, expose them to future careers, and support school-day learning, all while developing a new generation of problem solvers. But, inequities exist and too many young people are missing out.