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LASM Announces New Exhibition “Pinpointing the Stars”

close-up of Jupiter

The Louisiana Art & Science Museum (LASM) is excited to announce the opening of its newest exhibition Pinpointing the Stars.

Pinpointing the Stars features works from LASM’s permanent collection that highlight the planetarium's history, the timeline of its development, and its focus on the stars. The star plates that are on view were part of the Zeiss Model IV projector that was used in the LASM planetarium between 1964-1985. That projector is on display in its Solar System Gallery along with the #21 Aquarius Star Plate.

This exhibition reminds viewers that the LASM Irene W. Pennington Planetarium has been for decades a place where visitors can learn about the seasonal night sky and current celestial events, explore our solar system, and travel through the Milky Way and beyond to see the universe as never before. LASM continue to evolve and change with advances in technology and new scientific discoveries.

The exhibit highlights the 20-year anniversary of the Planetarium (2023) and is on display through late-August of 2024.