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LSU Virtual Math Circle: Summer Research Opportunity for High School Students

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Are you a high school student driven by a passion for mathematics that transcends conventional boundaries? Immerse yourself in the world of advanced mathematics with the Math Circle's virtual summer program. Now entering its fourth year, this esteemed program offers a rigorous and enriching experience designed for students dedicated to enhancing their mathematical skill sets.

Presented by the LSU Department of Mathematics and the LSU Gordon A. Cain Center for STEM Literacy, the Math Circle's virtual program is meticulously crafted to provide high school students with unparalleled opportunities for mathematical exploration and academic growth. Led by professional mathematicians, PhD candidates, and esteemed professors, this program goes beyond the standard summer offerings, focusing on intellectual rigor and in-depth mathematical inquiry.

Participants in the Math Circle program delve into topics rarely covered in traditional high school curricula, delving into the complexities of college-level mathematics and engaging in practical research under the guidance of experienced mentors. Through a comprehensive three-week curriculum, students attend virtual meetings and discussions, immersing themselves in challenging mathematical concepts and honing their analytical skills.

At the culmination of the program, participants showcase their research findings in a professional and academic setting, presenting their work in a 45-minute colloquial-style poster session. This platform not only highlights students' mathematical proficiency but also provides valuable experience in scientific communication and presentation skills.

Furthermore, the projects undertaken during the Math Circle program have the potential to lead to significant academic achievements, such as participation in fall science fairs, opportunities for further research collaboration with faculty members, or financial support for future academic endeavors.

Interested in joining the Math Circle's virtual summer program? Explore our upcoming session dates and research topics to find the perfect fit for your academic interests. Financial aid is available for eligible students, ensuring accessibility for all dedicated learners. Secure your place in this prestigious program by applying early, as spaces are limited to maintain a low student-to-mentor ratio and ensure personalized attention and guidance.

The Math Circle's virtual summer program is not merely a summer camp—it's a transformative educational experience for students committed to advancing their mathematical proficiency and academic aspirations. Join us and take the next step in your mathematical journey today!

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